Philadelphia Autism Project Conference

Fri November 30, 2018
The Philadelphia Autism Project is excited to host the third annual Philadelphia Autism Project Conference: Lighting The Way Through Transitions. 

 They are excited to announce that the keynote speaker will be Kerry Magro, an award-winning professional speaker and disability advocate who is on the autism spectrum

The Philadelphia Autism Project Conference is a day to bring together members of the Philadelphia autism community.  The conference is a place where self-advocates, family members, providers, and community members in Philadelphia come together to learn, discuss community initiatives, and share experiences. This year's presentations will focus on three topic areas: Early Childhood, Transitions, and Sessions for Teens and Young Adults.

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  • Community Behavioral Health (CBH) 801 Market St.
    11th floor
    Philadelphia , Pennsylvania 19107
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Looking for resources beyond Philly? is designed to bring together existing resources for families, providers, and self-advocates, and to allow them to access a broad array of information to help meet the needs of those living with or serving people with autism.

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