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The ASERT Collaborative Eastern Region and the Philadelphia Autism Project will be at the Autism Speaks Walk in Philadelphia promoting voting education.

For children with autism spectrum disorder, the vast amount of stimuli that will be present on the Parkway on the day of the Pope’s celebration of Mass, coupled with unfamiliar and non-routine circumstances, could present a very stressful and upsetting environment. This realization could drive families to feel attendance at the Papal Mass might be too much for their child. Devereux strives to support every opportunity for community inclusion of individuals with autism, and, as such, created a guide for families to help them participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, using the “social story” format.

As students plan and prepare for and transition to college and careers, career pathways programs help students to gain workforce experience and skills and consider the connection between their career interests and educational plans. This brief describes major national and regional career pathways initiatives and provides lessons learned for states considering the development and implementation of statewide career pathways programs.

Medicaid is the biggest health care program in the country. It’s an important part of the United States health care system. But a lot of the information out there about Medicaid and attempts to change it can be difficult to understand and navigate. “A Self-Advocate’s Guide to Medicaid” is a plain language resource that was created in collaboration between ASERT and the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) to give easy to understand information about Medicaid.

This resource provides information about the recently passed PA ABLE Act that was signed by Governor Wolf on April 18, 2016 and allows individuals to have a savings account to cover disability-related expenses without it jeopardizing eligibility for important programs.

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