Philadelphia Autism Project Reports

Project Report - 2015

The Philadelphia Autism Project began in 2014, consisting of meetings with over 130 diverse community stakeholders. Discussions ranged from the unmet needs of individuals living with autism and their supporters, to the current policies that affect people’s daily living experiences navigating different systems, to the data trends that provided us a picture of how many people were affected in Philadelphia. In early 2015, discussions culminated into the Philadelphia Autism Project Final Report on the background, purpose and 119 initiatives that will drive the Philadelphia Autism Project’s effort in the coming years.  


Annual Report - 2017 

Since these early project stakeholder meetings in 2014, the Philadelphia Autism Project team has been working hard to support the needs of individuals with autism and their families living in Philadelphia and the providers, researchers, and policymakers who serve them.  In order to continue to keep the Philadelphia community and Philadelphia Autism Project stakeholders updated and engaged in our work, we compiled the 2017 Philadelphia Autism Project Update Report.  The goal of the report is to share resources, information, knowledge, and updates with the Philadelphia community.

The Philadelphia Autism Project team is excited to continue to work with community and stakeholder input to realize the initiatives outlined by the Philadelphia Autism Project Final Report. These efforts will not only focus on creating environments where individuals living with autism and their family members can thrive, but also expanding potential for communities to benefit from being more inclusive.


Thank you to all of the community members, stakeholders, policymakers, families and individuals with autism who have helped to contribute to such a strong start for the Philadelphia Autism Project.


We still have a lot of work to do and we are looking forward to future collaborations with you!