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Resource Center

The ASERT Resource Center serves as Pennsylvania’s leading source for up-to-date and accurate information and resources for individuals with autism, their families, the community and the professionals who support them. Contact the ASERT resource center to speak with a resource specialist who can help you learn how to discover and access resources in Pennsylvania. The resource center is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

When should I contact the Resource Center?

If you have additional questions about information you found on or would like to invite an outreach specialist to attend an event, conference, or support group, someone at the resource center can assist you.

Be sure to visit the following pages below here on to find helpful information. If you still have additional questions, contact the Resource Center.

By phone
M-F 8:00am to 5:00pm EST

Are you located outside of Pennsylvania?
The ASERT resource center is focused on specific resources in Pennsylvania. If you are in another state, the resources specialists will not be able to help you. Please visit the resources section of, as some of the online resources may be applicable to residents of other states.

A website for Pennsylvanians with autism, their families, communities, and the providers who support them.

A Pennsylvania Bureau of Autism Services initiative. is designed to bring together existing resources for families, providers, and self-advocates, and allow them to access a broad array of information to help meet the needs of those living with or serving people with autism.

  • Introducing Profiles!

    Introducing Profiles!

    Pennsylvania's leading source of autism resources just got better. Save time and organize information from Pennsylvania's leading source of autism resources.

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  • Autism Resources

    Autism Resources

    The resources on this site are designed to provide relevant and helpful information for individuals with autism as well as their family members, caregivers, members of their communities, and professionals that support them.

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  • Autism Training

    Autism Training

    From single session workshops to conferences and webinars, the training database located in the autism training section of lists training opportunities across Pennsylvania.

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  • What is ASERT?

    What is ASERT?

    The ASERT collaborative is a partnership of medical centers, centers of autism research and services, universities and other providers of services involved in the treatment and care of individuals of all ages with autism and their families.

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ASERT Spotlight

Pennsylvania Support Groups

Did you know that ASERT keeps a list of support groups in Pennsylvania? If you are looking to connect with others in the autism community, a support group might be the right place to start. Click the link below for a list of groups ASERT is currently aware of. If you are already a member of a group, consider inviting ASERT to present at one of your upcoming meetings. Contact us at!

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Ways to Use This Website

  • What is ASERT?

    What is ASERT?

    ASERT, the Autism Services, Education, Resources, and Training Collaborative, brings together resources locally, regionally, and statewide.

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  • Autism in PA

    Autism in PA

    Learn about initiatives of the PA Bureau of Autism Services ASERT Collaborative and how their partnership improves the lives of Pennsylvanians with autism.

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  • Autism Community

    Autism Community

    Stay connected with ASERT to learn about new information and resources as soon as they become available.

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  • Autism Resources

    Autism Resources

    Locate relevant and helpful information for individuals with autism as well as their family members, caregivers, community members, and professionals that support them.

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  • Autism Training

    Autism Training

    Single training sessions, conferences, and webinars offered by the Bureau of Autism Services, ASERT leadership, service providers, medical facilities and more.

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  • Autism Events

    Autism Events

    Find out where ASERT will be and learn about special events in your area.

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  • Autism News

    Autism News

    Stay up to date on projects from ASERT and the Bureau of Autism Services as well as other Pennsylvania-focused autism news.

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Living with Autism: A Profile of David Karasow

posted: Jul 25, 2014

David is an artist and an adult living with autism. He shared the story of his journey from early academic struggles to finding purpose in his artistic endeavors in hopes that others can relate to his experiences and learn from them.  read more

Philadelphia Autism Project Launched

posted: Jul 24, 2014

In May, Philadelphia City Councilman-At-Large Dennis M. O’Brien launched the Philadelphia Autism Project. The project will deliver a wide-ranging final report to identify the most effective, efficient and comprehensive system of care for individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families living in Philadelphia.   read more

ASERT Launches Infographics

posted: Jul 22, 2014

The Autism Services, Education, Resources, & Training Collaborative (ASERT) announces the launch of a series of information graphics, or infographics, that highlight findings from the Pennsylvania Autism Needs Assessment and Pennsylvania Autism Census. These infographics will provide Pennsylvania specific information about a variety of topics important to individuals with autism, caregivers and loved ones, professionals, decision makers, and community members. The first infographic, titled Service Utilization Among School Age Children, was released on Tuesday, July 22, 2014 and highlights how the type of insurance children with autism have can influence the services they receive.  read more